AUTODESK ADOPTION PLANS. It's time to adopt your software the right way

“When our relationship started with The CAD Corporation 2 years ago, they immediately did everything in their power to understand the inner workings and work flow of our company, after which they did a proposal of the implementation process to our board of directors, based on their understanding of this” - Pieter Jooste, Bentel Architects International”
–Pieter Jooste, Bentel Architects International

The Problem

Whilst training has an important role to play (in our opinion with new users who are joining a team already established with the desired software), it is often not enough for new teams changing over from one software solution to another. Users are bombarded with dozens of new tools and concepts over the 3 or more days spent in a classroom and they are taught using generic projects which always conclude with a desired outcome. They are then expected to remember everything they were taught whilst starting a new project and dealing with the pressure of workloads etc. This is often the point where many will slowly and surely move back to the old way of working.


The Solution

We have developed a full solution implementation plan, also known as Autodesk Adoption Plans, which has evolved through working closely with dozens of clients from all industries. Our solution follows four basic, but critical steps



The Process

Our certified consultants will carry out a full analysis of your business, workflows, user profiles, design environment etc. From here we will develop a full solution proposal which aligns to either on-going or future projects.


The proposal will outline both the software solutions, training activities and workflow changes (if required). Training activities will be aligned to specific project milestones and deadlines.


- Plan the installation and activation of the software
- Determine hardware and software requirements
- Create a file management scheme (optional)
- Plan the configuration of Autodesk Software
- Create a training plan
- Identify the after implementation support needs
- Identify customer progress report structure
- Create a milestone schedule
- Present the Implementation Report to the customer


- Identify and execute actions within the implementation plan
- Report back to the project manager


- Verify the success of the implementation project
- Plan for future services or projects
- Support the customer