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AUTOCAD ELECTRICAL. CAD software for electrical design

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AutoCAD® Electrical CAD software, part of the Digital Prototyping solution, is AutoCAD for electrical design. It includes all the functionality of familiar AutoCAD software plus a complete set of electrical CAD features, including comprehensive symbol libraries and effective tools for automating electrical design tasks


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View AutoCAD® Electrical software videos that show how its features facilitate drafting productivity. AutoCAD Electrical engineering software includes all functionality in AutoCAD software, plus electrical engineering features such as symbol libraries, bill of materials (BOM) reporting, and PLC I/O design that make control design faster and more efficient.
* Auto wire numbering and component tagging -Reduce errors with automatic numbers and tags.
* Real-time coil and contact cross-referencing -Keep track of parent/child contacts.
Electrical Automatic report generation. Generate and update customized reports.
Electrical Usability improvements. Work with numerous enhancements for ease of use.
Electrical Terminal Strip Export/Import. Create 3D models with terminal data.
Electrical Terminal design. Increase accuracy with the Terminal Strip Editor.
Electrical PDF publishing. Publish schematics to multipage PDFs.
Electrical Flexible drag-and-drop file organization. Reorder files for electrical drafting projects.
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